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Frequently Asked Questions


What is DataNumen Outlook Express Repair?


DataNumen Outlook Express Repair(DOER) is a powerful tool to recover emails from corrupt dbx files and mbx files where Outlook Express stores emails and folders. It can scan the dbx and mbx files and recover mails in them as much as possible, thereby minimizing the loss in file corruption.


What is the difference between DataNumen Outlook Express Repair and DataNumen Outlook Express Drive Recovery?


The only difference between these two products is that they use different source data, as follows:

  • DataNumen Outlook Express Repair(DOER) takes a corrupt or damaged DBX file as the source data.


  • DataNumen Outlook Express Drive Recovery(DOEDR) takes a drive or disk as the source data. The drive or disk is the place where you have stored your DBX files in the past.

So if you have a corrupt or damaged DBX file in hand, then you can use DOER to repair the file and recover the emails inside the DBX file. If DOER fails to recover the wanted emails, then you still have the chance to get these emails, by using DOEDR to scan the drive/disk where you have stored the DBX file in the past.

Or if you do not have a DBX file in hand, for example, you format your whole disk/drive, you permanently remove the DBX file or the Outlook Express folder corresponding to the DBX file, or your hard disk/drive is broken and you cannot access the DBX files on it, etc., then you can use DOEDR directly.


Which types of dbx and mbx files can DataNumen Outlook Express Repair be used with?


DataNumen Outlook Express Repair supports to repair Microsoft Outlook Express 4.x mbx files and Outlook Express 5.x/6 dbx files.


What are dbx files? Where can I find these files?


Outlook Express 5/6 stores all messages of a mail folder in a corresponding .dbx file. For example, the Inbox.dbx file contains messages that are displayed in the Inbox mail folder in Outlook Express, the Outbox.dbx file contains messages that are displayed in the Outbox mail folder, and so on.

If a dbx file is damaged and you cannot operate the corresponding mail folder in Outlook Express, then you need to use DataNumen Outlook Express Repair to repair the dbx file and recover your messages from it.

There are three methods to find the dbx file corresponding to an Outlook Express mail folder. Please click here to see the detailed instructions.


What are dbt files? How to recover emails from such files?


dbt files are simply the temporary version of dbx files. If your Outlook Express crashes and you cannot find a wanted dbx file or recover a wanted message from the dbx file, then please try to find dbt files on your local hard disk, rename their extensions to .dbx and then repair them with DataNumen Outlook Express Repair.

You can find more detailed information at here.


What are mbx files? Where can I find these files?


Outlook Express 4.x uses two file types, MBX and IDX, to store your messages on your machine. For instance, you would find an inbox.mbx and outbox.mbx on your system where your e-mail messages exist, along with corresponding IDX files. Should you create additional folders to better organize your mail, Outlook Express will actually create two files, "folderX.mbx" and "folderX.idx." The first file is where the actual messages will be stored; the latter contains indexing information for all the messages that will be stored in the new folder. The "X" is an ordinal number, which corresponds to the folder creation order -- for example, our first folder created would be folder1.mbx, then folder2.mbx and so on; each with its corresponding IDX file.

Normally, these files are kept in the installation directory; for users of Windows NT:
C:\Winnt\Profiles\"user name"\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Mail

and for users of Windows 95 or Windows 98:
C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\"username"\mail

Note: If the file isn't in that location, it may have been installed in another area. In that case, you can use the "Search" function in Windows to find the .mbx files, as follows:
1. Click "Start" menu
2. Click "Search" menu item and then "For Files and Folders"
3. Input *.mbx as the search criterion.
4. Click "Search Now" to find all .mbx files on your local disk.
5. In "Search Results", repair the corresponding .mbx files with DataNumen Outlook Express Repair.


The messages in Inbox or other mail folders disappear, how to recover them?

Please do as follows:
1. Find the dbx file or mbx file corresponds to your folder.
2. Repair the dbx file or mbx file with
DataNumen Outlook Express Repair(DOER). DOER will output all the recovered messages in eml format.
3. Backup the dbx file or mbx file and delete the original file.
4. Import the recovered eml files into Outlook Express.

Outlook Express won't even start, how to recover my messages?


Please do as follows:
1. Use the "Search" function in Windows to find all the dbx files or mbx files on your local driver.
2. Repair all these dbx files or mbx files with the "Batch Repair" function in DataNumen Outlook Express Repair(DOER). DOER will output the recovered messages in a corresponding "xxxx_recovered" directory for each repaired dbx file called 'xxxx'.
3. Backup the dbx files or mbx files and delete the original files.
4. Start Outlook Express.
5. Import the recovered eml files into Outlook Express.


How can I determine whether DOER can repair my dbx or mbx file successfully, according to the results generated by the demo version?


Please just use the demo version to repair your file normally in the "Repair" page. If it can be repaired successfully, you will see a message box after the reparation, where you can click the "Show Reparation Report" button and see the detailed reports of all the recoverable messages. In addition, the demo version will output 10 recovered messages to the destination directory. As for the remaining messages, a prefix "(Demo)" will be added to their names and their contents will be replaced with demo information.

According to these information, you will know whether DOER has worked successfully on your damaged file. If the repair was successful, then please order the full version to get the contents of all the recoverable messages.


DataNumen Outlook Express Repair has repaired my dbx file(or mbx file) and outputted all the recovered eml files into a directory. Then how to import these emails into Outlook Express?


Why did I fail to repair my Outlook Express dbx/mbx file with DataNumen Outlook Express Repair?


Contact our technical support: If possible, please also save the repair log into a file (make sure the "Include System Information" option in the save file dialog is selected) and attach it to your e-mail.


Can DataNumen Outlook Express Repair recover Outlook Express emails on Macintosh computers?


The current version of DataNumen Outlook Express Repair can only work under PC/Windows platforms. However, you can still use it to recover Outlook Express emails on Macintosh computers, as follows:
1. Copy the Outlook Express dbx or mbx file from your Macintosh computer to a PC computer.
2. On your PC computer, install DataNumen Outlook Express Repair and use it to recover emails from the dbx or mbx file. All the recovered emails will be outputted as separate .eml files.
3. Copy the recovered .eml files back to your Macintosh computer and import them into your Outlook Express.


How can I order the full version of DataNumen Outlook Express Repair?


The demo version will report all the recoverable messages in the dbx or mbx files and output 10 recovered messages, with the remaining messages filled with demo information. To get the remaining messages, you need to order the full version. The price for a single license is $49.95 (USD).

Please click here to order now or get more ordering and payment information. We accept all major credit cards, Maestro (UK), giropay (Germany), iDEAL (Netherlands), Bank/Wire transfer, WebMoney, Purchase orders, PayPal, Checks and Direct Debit.

If your company or institution is interested in licensing DOER for several users, you can save a lot of money by purchasing a volume license.


What happens after I send in the order?


In general, you can download the full version of DOER immediately after sending the online order form.

If you do not get your full version... or if you've lost it (Hey, it happens! :) ... please email us at Please include your name, address, email address, and order confirmation number (if you have it). We will be happy to help you.


Why can't I access the attachments in some of the recovered emails with Outlook Express?


Outlook Express has a Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus option at Tools | Options | Security . If this option is enabled, Outlook Express will disallow you to access any attachment that may potentially be a virus, for example, a file with an .exe or .scr extension. You can just turn off this option to access your attachments.

Please see the article Using Virus Protection Features in Outlook Express 6 in Microsoft Knowledge Base for more detailed information.